Sunday, March 06, 2011

There is a Reason for Stay Stitching

I have always blindly followed the instructions for stay stitching and never really thought about why there is a need for stay stitching.  I don’t, usually, man-handle my fabric.  I tend to try not to pull it out of shape.

But you know….the one time I do not stay stitch…….it was the one time I needed to stay stitch.

So picture this:  A simple skirt, 3 pieces including the waistband.  At this point, is there any need to look at the pattern instructions?  Sew up the sides, install a zipper and put on a waistband.  If desired, also add in a lining. Easy peasy.  At least it should be.

But what did I do?  Or maybe the question is how exactly did I screw up this time.

See that excess fabric?
That is how much it stretched.
I cut out the 2 skirt pattern pieces for forgot to mark which was the front.  Usually I can tell. This time, the pieces are almost identical.  So there is that mystery.  Then I sew up the pieces (but did not stay stitch the waist) but did not leave a big enough opening, or so I found, to put the skirt on my teeny tiny dress forms.  I guess while trying to put the skirt on the dressform, I stretched the waist of what I believe to be the front of the skirt.  Really….did I even think about what I was doing?  Nope, nada, no way… or at least not until matching up the lining and it did not work.  Go back to the pattern pieces and yup…it is all stretched out.  Not a lot, but enough.

So what to do?  I am making some darts in the front of the skirt. They are little darts, just enough to take in the stretched out bit.

Lesson learned:  I need to think before acting.

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Rosy said...

Maybe you can drag over to the side and simply delete. Typically, the front has two inches wider than the back. Looking forward to seeing this project finished.