Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Disappointing February

I usually do not do a month end wrap up; however, February deserves note.  Why?  Because this has been an utterly unproductive sewing month for no apparent reason.

Yes, the Civil War Dress (still unfinished) sucked the life out of me.  Too time consuming and when the event was cancelled, it was thrown aside so quickly it could have resulted in an injury.  When it was thrown aside, so was all of my desire to sew.  Seriously, I have sat and looked at my machines. I have looked at patterns and fabric.  I even choose a pattern.   Alas, I had no desire to move any farther than taking the fabric to the washing machine to prep it.

I am blaming the weather for the lack of sewing.  The rain gets to me and there was sufficient rain to play the blame game with.  Yes, this is me grasping at straws.

The positive is that it is now March and Vogue 9311 was cut out tonight. 
A little fuzzy but you get the idea

Here is the fabric.

It is hard to see but the colors are navy, khaki and white.  It is a super soft fabric and it seems like it will be nice and warm.  I have no idea what kind of fabric it is; one of the downsides of pulling it out of the clearance box of fabric. 

I did do a little fabric shopping last weekend.  I only bought some lining fabric and fabric to make muslins.  But I did fall in loved with a purple/grey silk taffeta which was also in a bargain barrel.  $8 a yard but you had to take all they had.  I did not buy it but I may go back on Saturday to see if it is still there.  If it is…..well then the universe MUST be telling me to buy it. 

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