Friday, December 10, 2010

June 1949 - Butterick's Recommendations

Whew, following a to do list is really unexciting.  Trust me.  So I am not going to provide daily updates because it would put everyone who reads it to sleep...including me.  However, I think that black and white swirly dress has bad karma or maybe it's cursed!  Seriously, it took me hours upon hours to get that zipper in.  First I baste it in backwards one direction, then the next.  Then I get the right side but forgot to cut the extra bit at the top...and on and on and on.  No wonde this became an unfinished object, I almost tossed it aside for the second time!!!

But...take a look at these:

Every month Butterick, and I am assuming other pattern companies, would publish advertizing pamplets with what is "in."

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Vande Historic Costuming said...

What lovely illustrations - although the model on the cover looks quite startled about something - could she be auditioning for an Alfred Hitchcock movie, perhaps?