Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lining - - -SOS

I decided that this skirt needs a lining.  The fabric is a little crispy and wrinkled just trying it on this evening.  I have a stash of lining material so why not?

EXCEPT – I have a question that my books do not answer for me.  It may be obvious to everyone else….so if anyone knows:

When making the lining for a skirt where there is a 5/8th seam allowance, is the seam allowance on the lining 5/8ths as well? Or is it smaller or even bigger??

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it!!!


1912 Suffragette said...

Generally, in straight skirts the lining is the same width or slightly smaller than the shell so the strain of sitting is on the lining. Personally, I make the lining the same unless the outer fabric is fragile or delicate.

Anonymous said...

No, sorry, but the lining should be a little bit bigger than the main body so that it can move aabout a little and absorb any stresses. If it is not looser, the lining will rip eventually and then it's useless. Make it with 3/8" seam allowances if the shell has 5/8" allowances.