Monday, November 15, 2010

It Seems to be Working

I sewed up the lining and while I like the fabric for actual lining it was horrific to cut out and sew.  Even with a lot of pins, there was slipping and sliding galore!

Here is the lining:

Boring but I wanted proof that I went forward with the lining.  This fabric is heavier than the cotton I am using and I like the combination when the fabrics are put together.

Here is the skirt with the lining attached.

Some white peeping out.

Now, a zipper.  The instructions next tell you to do a placket.  I will give it a try tomorrow.  If I have any problems, the placket is bye-bye because the lining does give the skirt a nice finished edge.  Maybe the placket should just be tossed……hmmmm something to think about.

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