Friday, September 03, 2010

Toile-ing Away

So much to do in RL but I have been plugging along sewing.  When last you heard from this intrepid sewist, she had grand plans for a Victorian day dress.  Those grand plans are moving along.

Using mostly the Truly Victorian patterns as a base because I have to change things up with everything I do.  The Fantail skirt is completed.  This is a TNT pattern for me since I have used it numerous times for ball gowns.  The skirt is done except for hemming and trim.  As you can see, I have padded out one of my dress forms hoping this will assist given the time crunch and because I hate wearing a corset.

I have also, finally, prepared a toile of the bodice.  I changed my mind a number of times about the bodice: what I wanted and what it would look like.  Last night I tried the toile on and with some modifications I think it will work.  Interestingly, I thought I would need to make it larger but the reality was it needed to go smaller through the back and waist. I was surprised.

So, I have retraced my pattern with those changes and cut out 2 more versions.  Due to time restraints, I have to move forward with this ASAP so no more fitting.  I have yet to cut my “fashion” fabric.  Just the underlining and lining are cut. 

Whew….that tired me to even think about.  The lining has also now been serged.  Gosh I love my serger!

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