Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Would You Do?

For months I knew I had a big 100th Birthday party to go to for the BF’s grandfather.  Almost once a week since April I asked what should I wear to the party?  Is there any guideline?  What are the other women in the family wearing?  What is your sister wearing?  You get the idea.  The answer was always, I don’t know.  So I would request that we find out!!  You know the saying there is no dumb question.  Well, the BF disagreed and kept telling me one of the following bits of nonsense:

1. It doesn’t matter what you wear, you will look nice
2. I am sure everyone will dress casually

I still worried.  I don’t trust men when it comes to what is appropriate wear for an event. I have just been burned too many times. I need to interject here that this was a big event.  Rooms reserved for a banguet; engraved invitations sent out in other words, this was not a gathering in a back yard it was going to be a big deal as a 100th birthday should be. So I continued to ask….hound…..the BF on this topic.

How I felt
Finally….10 days before the event I got emails of pictures of the dresses some were wearing.  Not one was casual ….not go to church type dresses: both of which I have scads of…..nope they were cocktail dress.  CRUD  I do not have a cocktail dress.

Of course my BF said just whip something up.  Yeah right …have you met me?  I am a slow sewer…I don’t just whip things up.  So off I went to Macys to find a cocktail dress.  Yeah right.  For a couple of 100$ I could get a crappy dress that did not fit.  Talk about woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, I was seriously one hanger shy of a meltdown when the light bulb went off…… I guess the BF was right, I could make something to wear.  The mind started working.  If I used a pattern I have already sewn, I could run to the garment district and pick up 3 yards of silk charmeuse for only $40 and I should be able to sew something that actually fits in a fabric I liked.  BUT and this is a big but….time was against me.

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