Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catching UP

I am back.  It is finally cool enough, well today is cool enough, to sit in my sweat box of a computer room.  So here I type.  August and September are usually the hottest months out here and this year has not disappointed.  But really, what about the rest of June and July….where did I disappear to?

I was sewing.  I sewed yards and yards of silk charmeuse in July.  All with deadlines.  Don’t worry, pretty pictures will follow.  My draping class was wonderful but ever so time consuming.  I find that I am just not great at measuring or walking patterns.  What took everyone a couple of minutes, had my little brain puzzling over for long periods of time.  Seriously, you could see the  wheels turning and the smoke pouring from my ears.

What happened to the summer skirt?  Did it get finished I hear you ask…wait is there anyone out there even wondering what happened to the skirt.  Fear not, I am going to tell you anyways. 

Skirt is finished.  At first it was too small.  I measured the pattern…what was the problem?  However thank goodness it was a modern pattern with those HUGE 5/8th seam allowances so I let out the seams, then I took them back in and by the 4th go around I had a skirt that fit. 

The colors are great; this little beauty goes with so many t-shirts in my closet.  I used a baby hem.  Down side is I used a tricot lining which I really do not like at all – I find it sticks to me which is just not a plus when it is 100 degrees in and out of the house.

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