Monday, January 02, 2012

Technical Difficulties

For the past little while, I have had some horrific technical difficulties.  Life was moving by, but you wouldnt know it by looking here mostly because of a break down in my computers.

While I had the good fortune to be forced to take a business trip to New York....yes forced or so I told them, but how were they to know that I was doing a happy dance just waiting for the weekend when I would be let free to come the New York fashion district, I did run into some problems upon my return.  That is my main computer was fried during a storm.  I have as yet been able to determine if it is good and truly dead......oh no....or if I will be able to bring it back to life.  Unsure what happened but upon my return, I could only get a black screen with a sort of dos prompt for my username and password.  I tried to start it in safe mode but that would not work.  I have not yet tried starting it with the system disk or taking it to my local Apple store for help.

To make matters worse, my lap top which barely works anymore will not let me upload picture.  Oh, there are pictures that I have downloaded but when you try to upload them or attach them to an email, just doesn't work.  And who really wants to read a blog with no pictures/

But I have been working to come up with some solutions so that posting can re-occur......and I think I may have figures something out....fingers crossed.

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