Thursday, January 05, 2012

Match Made In Heaven

Mmmm pleats

Or just influence by the picture on the pattern.  I have had Simplicity 4547 for year having purchased it in a lot of other patterns on ebay.  I love the pleated skirt pattern and when trolling through my fabric stash I came across a relatively new purchase which screamed to me pleated skirt. Subliminal programming perhaps.

I have to admit that my subconscious may have been at work given the closeness of this fabric to the picture on the pattern. 

Yike…really close just different colors.  For me, this fabric also seemed Christmassy.  I am not a lover of a red/green Christmas palette preferring greens and blues.  Weird, I know.
Mmmm plaidy goodness

So whip out the pattern, check to see if the pieces are all there.  Yup….only one piece for this skirt.  But all the other pattern pieces were accounted for…..except wait a second…what are these 2 extra pattern pieces for?  They are for an Advance pattern …hmm….cool….but wait there is something missing.  The instruction sheet is not in there.  Oh boy, I am going to wing it on a pleated skirt in addition to matching plaids.  This should be fun!

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