Monday, June 18, 2012


A few of my dressforms

I am taking a draping class.  It has been not just a learning experience but a lot of fun.  It is hard but in just 3 classes, I can drape no less than 10 bodice darts.  Fun!

I also have a use for my dress forms other than modeling my makes.  I have something on which to practice. 

Now I need a duct tape dress form of myself so I can start draping something that will fit me.  I am excited!

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Elizabeth said...

Yes! I need a duct tape dress form, too! I used to have one but I don't think I used enough duct tape. Also, the pins got gummy when I shoved them into the dress form because it was left in a hot car once! I have a foam one now but it's more for display than anything else.