Monday, February 21, 2011

First There Were Tears And Then The Rain Came

Tears, yes there were a lot of tears along with a melt down or two.  The bodice of the Civil War dress was the cause.  This bodice is one of the most frustrating I have ever encountered.  I have done 2 muslins and still the fit is not right. 

Get this: after the first muslin I had to do the following
1.  Remove an inch from the back
2.  Remove a 1/2 inch from each seam of the side
3.  Add in 1 inch in the front
4. Remove 3 inches from the sleeve.

After the second muslin I have to do the following:
1. Remove a 1/2 inch from one seam in the side
2. Add another inch on the front.

Hey at least the back and the sleeves were fixed on the first go around. This process was so frustrating!  The event was fast approaching.

So boy was I excited when the prediction was 100% chance of rain for Saturday, the day I needed the outfit.  My tears of frustration became tears of joy!  Not one of my friends wanted to cross the weather man and our attendance was cancelled.

I have not finished this outfit.  I now don’t need it until the fall!  Maybe the third muslin will be right?  I don’t know and I certainly no longer care.  Yes, there is a bit of pride involved.  I do have to finish it ….sometime.  But for now a break is in order so I can regain some feeling of sanity.

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petalrose said...

I know what you mean, sewing can be frustrating sometimes, especially very fitted'll get there.