Sunday, June 27, 2010


Monique and Kelli, thanks for the comments!   You will be happy to know that the missing spool of thread has been found.  It appears that a creature of the feline persuasion found the spool and thought it was a new toy.  The thread was found in a different room under a table.  No where near the sewing table.

So, yay! I did not have to use the thread that was kinda close or run out and buy more.  I was also able to cut out the McCall’s 5150 dress.  I did make a FBA on the pattern, it is my first and I think I muddled through it correctly.

I am using a turquoise cotton sateen which does have a bit of stretch in it.  It is a brighter color than I normally gravitate to, but I think it will be pretty with brown shoes and boy do I have some great brown shoes to wear with it.

I was also able to sew up the skirt which does need to hang for a few days to allow the bias to do its thing.


Original Mischief said...

aaaah! The kitty culprit. lol Gorgeous aren't they... everything is mine, mine, mine! :) Monique xx

Kelli said...

The feline part made me giggle! Glad you found it! The color of that skirt is beautiful!

~Kelli @ Smidgens