Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lets Get Started

Just note now, that my titles are going to suck. I am not very imaginative when it comes to titles. So, I apologize here and now but hopefully never again.

I am currently working on McCall’s 5357.

Yes, both views. Actually, I began both views in December but starting with View A, the sheath dress. I had a lovely cottony flannel grey plain in my stash that spoke to me for View A. Starting the sheath dress, in my typical fashion, I impatiently traced out the pattern and started cutting. Did I think about pattern matching? No way! That thought only occurred to me after the dress was mostly sewn. Does this make the dress a wadder, no. If you look at many ready to wear dresses, they do not do any better at matching patterns. Besides, I work in an office where I am the most put together person, meaning sometimes I think I am the only person who put on clean clothes to come to work. So…shrugging shoulders…if I can live with it I doubt anyone else will notice.

While the bodice went together nicely, the skirt did not. I will explain in another post.

View B was begun with a Christmas party in mind. I had a beautiful gingham silk taffeta in my stash that I thought would be perfect. So, again with little to no planning, I just jumped right in. The bodice was traced off and the skirt pieces were merely squares……so off I went cutting away. This time, some pattern matching entered my brain during the cutting process. Want to match up those squares as much as possible.

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